“My waistline is expanding with every hour spent on Zoom."

If your homebound, high stress lifestyle is impacting the way you look and feel and you’re ready to make a change, here are a few questions for you:

  1. Is your weight contributing to your stress or is stress causing you to gain weight?
  2. Does the hunger that builds up during video calls lead to binging when you get a break?
  3. Do you have healthy, organic produce rotting in your refrigerator because you didn’t have a chance to eat it? 
  4. Do you overindulge in food, even when you’re not hungry?
  5. Do you habitually snack throughout the day?

If you answered yes to 1 or more of these, you probably already know that there is no 
“magic pill” that will transform your body in a healthy, sustainable way. But there is a healthy lifestyle hack that is helping more people, men and women of all ages, take control and get the profound benefits that the right foods, consumed in the right way and at the right time can have on body, mind and spirit.  

This lifestyle approach to eating is based on how our body utilizes the macro nutrients you consumer to deliver:

✔ Natural, Healthy Weight Management

✔ Increased Energy Levels

✔ Improved Mood and Mental Acuity

✔ Improved Sleep

✔ Clearer Skin

If you have wondered what it could feel like to gain control over what and how you eat,  it’s time for you to join the millions of people who have found a better way to create a healthy, satisfying relationship with good food. 

A lie that many of us tell ourselves is that we eat when we’re hungry.  Truth be told, we are more likely to be feeding a habit, boredom or some other emotion.  But sometimes we really are hungry and that is the result of our stomachs producing the hormone ghrelin, a.k.a. “the hunger hormone.” Ghrelin’s job is to stimulate appetite, increase food intake and promote fat storage.  As we fill our stomachs, ghrelin loosens its grip and we feel satisfied.  However, it takes a little time for our brains to catch up, so if we let ourselves get too hungry, we’re likely to find ourselves binging directly from the refrigerator or overeating at mealtime as we try to get some satisfaction.


Fastify is convenient, organic, plant-based food for hunger control. Each individual, drinkable pouch was designed for those looking to create a healthy lifestyle and reach their weight loss and wellness goals faster and easier.

The best part? It actually tastes good! Eating healthy can be difficult when so much of the health food industry creates “solutions” that taste terrible. It’s hard, if not impossible, to stick to a healthy routine when you don’t enjoy what you put in your mouth.

Each pouch of Fastify has been perfectly portioned so you can eat mindfully. What do we mean by this? It’s common for us to reach for the nearest chip bag when feeling bored or hungry. Too often we end up snacking on things just because we want or need something to do.

With Fastify, snacking is no longer a problem. You can satisfy your cravings and feel good about heading to your snack cabinet, because each pouch contains just 70 calories! But don’t be fooled, not all calories are created equal. That’s why these 70 calories contain ingredients that help you feel fuller for longer, so you naturally eat less throughout the day without even trying! They are all natural, good for you ingredients and are:

✔ Organic
✔ Vegan
✔ Preservative-Free
✔ Non-GMO
✔ Gluten-Free
Rich in plant-based protein
✔ Low Sugar / No Added Sugar

What does Fastify offer?

Savory Smoothies:
Individually packaged for life on-the-go, each Fastify smoothie contains filling protein, healthy fiber, and is blended with organic produce that is sustainably sourced.

Meal Alternatives:
Individually packed portions that can be heated up in a mug for warm, cozy moments, or served chilled in a glass so you can sip your way through those conference calls without being distracted by hunger (or hanger) pains.   

Intermittent Fasting:  is it for you?
While Fastify is for absolutely anyone and everyone looking to be healthier, it was inspired by the increasing adoption of intermittent fasting by health-conscious adults. While you don’t have to be intermittent fasting to enjoy Fastify, more and more healthcare professionals and wellness coaches are promoting the powerful anti-inflammatory benefits for body, brain, and lifespan.

The key to successful intermittent fasting is to never allow extreme hunger to take grip. And the best way to avoid succumbing to hunger is to send the right macro-nutrients through your digestive system when you need them most. Sugar and other simple carbohydrates can knock you right off the wagon if consumed in the wrong way or at the wrong time. Protein, fiber and some healthy fat will keep cravings down and energy up to help you go the distance.

Common intermittent fasting methods are 16/18, and the 5:2 diet.

The 16/8 Method:
Used and praised by famous fitness experts, with this method you fast each day for 14-16 hours, and restrict your eating window to 8-10 hours.

In order to see weight loss benefits with this method, it is important to avoid breaking your fast with empty calories that will make you hungrier. A filling, nutritious Fastify pouch will set you up for success by satisfying your hunger to help you stay in control as you enjoy good food during your eating window.

The 5:2 Diet:
With this diet, you eat normally 5 days a week, while restricting your calorie intake to 500-600 for 2 non-consecutive days out of the week. Sound too difficult?  You might be surprised how satisfying 70 calories can be with Fastify.  Try enjoying two Fastify servings, one cold at lunchtime and one hot at dinner time.  Fill in your other 350 calories with other low carb foods and discover what it feels like to not always be thinking about food. 

Fastify was created to make healthy eating, whether for weight loss or the many other longevity benefits, easier than ever.

Just see what customers are saying:

"Love the taste and it's so easy to grab a pouch and take it on my morning walks! Thanks Fastify 🥰"

Pamela Aguilar
2 APR 2020

"Having kids is a blessing and being able to stay on track with my health goals puts me at ease knowing that I have what I need in the palm of my hand with Fastify! My favorite is the Red Reformation! 😋"

Grace Cole
15 SEP 2020

"Green for a day is my fav! Small but carries a punch. Just what I need, especially during these times where health is important! Thx Fastify 🙏🏻"

Betty Rivera
2 Dec 2020

You too can experience these life-changing results when you make Fastify a part of your routine.

Get ready to look in the mirror and see a healthier, happier you…

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